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It's overwhelming to think that tomorrow will be the last day at Yashane's beloved Music class (KinderMusik). I love it because it's not a 'class' as per say. It's a relaxed fun play time for kids and for moms as well. Dear Simone, we'll always remember you and thanks for teaching the basic stepping stones of music for Yashane. There were many times I thought, Oh I have to put Yashane to a guitar class or a violin class or whatever an instrument class. But tx to Anuradha Abeyratne I've found the perfect class. I'm sure Yashane learnt a lot from the class but I think it's me who learnt the most from it cos I've never had that basic western music knowledge.

For those parents like me who seeks a music class for their younger kids where they can enjoy while they learn please visit https://www.kindermusikwithsimone.com.au/
Oh I will miss my Saturday morning get away time! frown emoticon
We will badly miss you Simone Melder
Rasini Mudalige

Thank you very much Simone for finding the best class for Thenu even though I wanted you to teach him Piano.... He enjoyed and learnt a lot about music....Thenu's gonna miss you for sure but I will not because Sanaya is ready to start the class!!
Anuradha Abeyratne

Ariel and her award"Just had the most beautiful SMS from the parent of one of my students who went through nearly 7 years of Kindermusik with me: '"Dearest Simone, Kindermusik Teacher. I want to say something to you - sorry it has taken me so long, as I could not find the time but now is the moment. To begin with Ariel was a newborn baby of 3 months old when she joined Kindermusik. She went through the entire program and she loved it so much. Kindermusik brought her so much joy.It helped her physical, intellectual and emotional development and she is now a confident little girl. When she went to Kindergarten, her teacher was impressed at how quick and confident she was in learning. At Primary School her music teacher was very happy and impressed at how much Ariel knew about music and that she could actually read music. The teacher actually rang me, asking me about Ariel - and how did she gain this level of achievement. I told her it was because she went to Kindermusik! (the teacher had not even heard about Kindermusik!!) In Grade I, Ariel started learning the keyboard. Her music teacher was very happy with her and often used her to lead the class during music time. Now Ariel is in grade 2 and recently she put her name down to enter a talent show at school.
At first she sang :My favourite things from the Sound of Music and she made it to the next level. At the Grand Final, Ariel sang "Singing in the rain" and she won 1st prize for Outstanding Talent for Grades I and II. All of this is because of the huge influence of Kindermusik in her life. Thank you so much Simone for your encouragement and help to Ariel. It means so much to her and me".
Ratna M

"Today I am grateful for Simone Melder and her Kindermusik class. I am so grateful that Melissa invited me to go along about four years ago. Simone is always so joyous, patient and loving with our children and it is also a lot of fun. My kids love it and so do I. I even kept going when I moved about 50 minutes away for a couple of years. I am not the only one to do this. I have been in classes where mothers have come from further afar to keep attending. I wake up on Kindermusik morning excited to be going. I love Kindermusik days and seeing Simone and the other mums. It is such a nice group of mums and kids that Simone has attracted and I have made some good friends through the group."
S. Petris

"Kindermusik has been such an important part of my daughter Murianti's whole life.... she started when she was a baby and is now completing her final sessions of the Kindermusik 'Young Child' Program. Over the years, Kindermusik introduced all aspects of music to my daughter (about beat, rhythm, dancing, history, fun, bonding with parents through music) and the Young child program has taken this essential and basic foundation in music a step further by allowing her to learn a number of instruments, glockenspiel, recorder, dulcimer, and the program has taught her how to read music and play in a fun and nurturing way!! Upon finishing the final Young Child program my daughter wants to take up other instruments, in particular violin and guitar! The gift this program has given to to us is immeasurable and Murianti has told me how much she will miss it. Thank you Simone so much for bringing music into my daughters life..."
F. Paembonan

"We will really miss you. Out of the 5 or 6 music teachers we have had for our eldest daughter and now Isaac, you are by far my favourite. Next week will be Isaac's last class as I head back up to Brisbane next Sunday. Thanks for everything."
A. Pratt

"Erin loves your class so much. I think Kindermusik is a wonderful program but the real success lies in your genuineness and love as a teacher. Our children are all very lucky to have such a beautiful person influencing them in their young years. I am sure they will always remember you throughout their lives".
L. Atalla.

“Kindermusik is a fantastic experience. It has been something far better and beyond what we ever could imagine. It is a life experience not only a music experience. Kindermusik with Simone is the most enriching experience, not only for the child, but the whole family. I am so grateful that I chose Kindermusik with Simone. It truly has been the best blessing to be not only a part of her music but a part of her life. Simone’s patient and soft tone not only in words, but also in actions is truly unique. I couldn’t imagine my children with anyone else. I’m definitely coming back next year.”

“Simone always takes the time to engage with each child in the class. Her genuine interest in the children’s progress is lovely. She is so enthusiastic and wonderful with our children, it really shows that she loves them.”

“Simone obviously enjoys what she is doing. Her enthusiasm is infectious, she treats each child as an individual and we all look forward to our next time together. I am so pleased to be part of Kindermusik. I know that Jack is benefiting greatly from this. He is very much an individual. I am his Grandma and this is our special day that we spend together.”
M. Wilkinson

“I am so thrilled to see how Simone interacts with the children with such warmth, sincerity and enthusiasm. The children all love her. I don’t think there is anything additional to suggest to Simone, she is so thoroughly prepared and 'in tune' with the children and their musical needs. I am an absolute 'fan'. Tilly is obviously feeling totally secure and fulfilled.”
J. Deeble

“Thank you for another wonderful year of Kindermusik. Siena has absolutely loved her class and I am very emotional watching her participate so beautifully now. Leasy loves both classes, but probably loves the older class more, I am not sure why.”
K. Harvie

“Simone, your love for music and the children shines through and is a credit to you. The children love you and Kindermusik!”
J. Hall

“Simone is a very skilled teacher and we value her experience and interest in our children. The Children look forward to Saturday Kindermusik. This is a lifetime experience for children and they will reap the benefits for many years to come. Skills they learn certainly enhance their personality.”
M. Fernando.

“What we enjoyed most about our Kindermusik experience was the enthusiasm and dedication of the teacher. The genuine love she has for the children and for the music really made the class so enjoyable. She went over and above her role in providing the children with regular photos, presents at Xmas, cakes for their birthdays and regular emails and encouragement.”
M. Foulkes

“Just thought I’d give you some feedback. Erin has been making me do zigzags with her all over the backyard today. She seems very proud of her new knowledge in this area. Also, she cleans our windows here. The other day she was cleaning them (with water and enjo) and was singing 'oh in my house I help clean up with a rub rub rub rub all day'. I don’t think she’s heard that one in a while, but it obviously stays with them. I can really see more and more how much you are putting positive influences into Erin’s life. Thank you.”
L. Atalla

“Simone is very gentle, caring and kind.”
J. Mitchell

“Simone is very caring, happy and obviously enjoys both the music and the children.”
C. O’Connell

“Simone goes above and beyond her role, her dedication and commitment is abundant.  Thank you for giving us a wonderful experience. You are a fantastic lady. Thank you for engaging Jordan.”
N. Sharwood

“Simone makes our class everything, due to her genuine sincerity and energy.”
L. Atalla

We only wanted to do Kindermusik for one term. We love it so much we are starting on our fourth term. Simone is committed to the children and very patient.”
M. Jenkins

“What we have most enjoyed about Kindermusik is listening to the different music. We would never have heard of a lot of the songs without Kindermusik. Simone is a lovely lady with a great voice. We enjoy listening to Simone when she is singing.”

“Simone allows the children freedom to do their own thing and this enables spontaneity to flow with what the kids want. I like the way it is not too rigid and its very personal.”
L. Ohri

“We have a busy week of activities and your class is definitely our favourite and a great way to wind down at the end of the week – so thank you so much for providing us with such a gentle, supportive environment. I can definitely see Erin’s ability to enjoy and interact musically increasing all the time. We can’t wait for the next class.”
L. Atalla

“Once again I have been really impressed with the way Simone handles those “difficult” moments with children. When a child is hesitant to participate, they are encouraged, but not forced, so music stays fun. When a child is deliberately cruel to another, the message is clear that this is not acceptable, creating a safe, predictable environment for all. Thank you Simone for all you have done for my children.”
L. de Valle

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